Meadows Vet News August 2011

Unfortunately we have had another case of Parvo! The infected puppy underwent intensive care treatment in our isolation ward and we are very happy to report that this little pup has made a full recovery! However, the mortality rate is usually 50%! We are hearing that there has been an increase in the number of cases across the state so please make sure your dogs are protected!

Please click here for more information on Parvo Disease!

As July was National Desexing Month we were offering one lucky client the chance to win back their desexing costs if their pet was desexed during this time! The winner is Vicki McRae and her poodle Tom from Echunga! Congratulations!

Congratulations also to our latest K9 Kindy graduates! Left to right we have Sally with Cooper and Theodore, Mary with Axel, Diana and Millie. These very cute puppies are well on their way to becoming well socialised and well behaved members of their families!

K9 Kindy is held at the Centre by Tracey Hardcastle from Oh Do Behave who has many years of experience in animal behaviour and training. The course runs over five weeks with topics covered including socialisation, house training, obedience training, discipline, grooming, pests and parasites, diet, dental care, exercise and medical emergencies to name just a few. Tracey will also cover any individual problems you may be experiencing or answer any questions you may have. These classes are designed for puppies between 6 and 14 weeks of age as it is much easier to teach your puppy from the start than to try and correct inappropriate behaviour later on. Participants also receive a discount on their desexing costs as a reward for  attending the course. For more information and to check out some very cute puppy photos please click here!


August is National Pet Dental Month!

At Meadows Vet Centre we are participating in a number of ways to promote better dental care. This initiative is part of a worldwide effort to reduce the incidence of the most common ailment in adult pets: oral disease.

According to veterinary research, 80 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats show signs of oral disease by the time they are 3 years of age!   

Left untreated, pet oral disease causes significant pain through tooth decay and gum infection, and can pass damaging and even life-threatening bacteria through the bloodstream to the heart, liver and kidneys. Such scenarios are easily preventable with proper dental care.

During August we are providing free dental checkups with our nurses! Any dental check-up for small animals during August will receive some free samples of food designed to promote good dental health. Please note that all our annual health examinations include a dental check up as a standard procedure throughout the year!

For more information on dental disease and care please click here! 

For a great video showing how to brush your dog's teeth please click here!

For a great video showing how to brush your cat's teeth please click here!

Horses need dental care too! 

Horses should not be forgotten either! Dr Greg Rodda has had a special interest in Equine Dentistry for many years. He has attended a number of Post Graduate courses and workshops including ones held at The Colorado State University focusing on the latest Equine Dentistry techniques. Whilst in the USA he also purchased the latest equipment and has a “Power Float” designed for use solely by veterinarians to provide the best  preventative care and treatment in Equine Dentistry for your horses. This power float is particularly useful for removing very large hooks without overheating & causing damage to the teeth!

He has spent time in NSW helping other veterinarians improve their skills in this very  important area and spent time on the standing committee advising the Australia Equine Veterinary Association on areas of concern in all aspects of equine dentistry.

For more information on Equine Dentistry and what we can do for your horse - please click here! 


Win a Cleaner for a Year!

         The increase in mosquito numbers has caused concern last summer & autumn with the number of viruses they spread. Heartworm is not a virus but a parasite that is also spread by mosquitos mainly to dogs & we fear that there will be an increase in Heartworm cases next summer!  Now would be a good time to ensure your dog is protected! Until the end of September when your dog receives his or her annual once a year heartworm preventative injection you will be able to visit and go into the draw to win one of five cleaners for a year! Good luck everyone!  For more information on Heartworm Disease please click here!



  Monthly Reminders!


  • Our fabulous groomer Jill does hydro bathing as well as clipping if you would like your wet muddy dog transformed during Winter into a clean sweet smelling pooch!

  • We have a great range of very comfortable beds at the Centre which will help  to get your pooch sleeping off the ground to minimize joint and arthritis soreness

  • With the cooler weather a number of animals are showing the signs of arthritis—please remember that there is a very wide range of medications & products that are available to keep your pets pain free!

  • We now have the Australian equivalent to Lubrisyn available! This product is Hyasyn & is the same formulation containing mainly Hyaluronic Acid which is one of the best ingredients for joints!

  • Don’t forget we stock the whole range of Tuff Rock Products including the new Gastro  Intestinal Liquid for horses. Well regarded as product to balance gut acid thereby aiding in the prevention of ulcers & stress colic!

  •  Don’t forget your flea control program! So easy to do in the cooler weather but now is the time to prevent a summer explosion of the pests! Remember our prices for all flea products are competitive with online sites as we want to make sure you are using the most appropriate product for your pet! 


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