Hendra Virus Update!

For the latest press release regarding the discovery of Hendra in a flying fox in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens please click here

Meadows Vet News September 2011


There is nothing worse than a much loved family pet being injured or becoming ill with owners facing a large vet bill. We highly recommend pet insurance to help cover unexpected vet bills but now we are very pleased to announce we will be offering VetPay to enable clients to pay off their vet bill over 12 months interest free! Horse owners will also be able to take advantage of VetPay. For more information please give us a ring!

A laboratory in Victoria is very close to finalising a diagnostic test to confirm PSSM (Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy) in horses, but they are in desperate need of hair samples from horses that are believed to be suffering from this condition! If you have a horse or know someone with a horse suspected of having PSSM and would like to participate in the testing which will be free of charge please let us know!

 Revolution are currently offering a rewards program! If you purchase 3 of any 3month pack  you will receive the 4th one FREE!!!! OR 2 of the 6month packs to get the 3rd one FREE!!!! These purchases do not have to be at once and we will help you keep track of the number you have purchased to ensure you get your free ones. This is a really good offer as packs range between approximately $37 up to $98—brilliant saving!

With spring just around the corner September tends to be full of “F” words! Foalings, Founder and Fleas! (and I am sure the sheep farmers would add Foxes to that as well!)


The foaling season has begun! The expected birth of a foal from a favourite mare is an exciting but worrying time for many horse owners. Ideally, help and advice should be sought from us or someone with  experience in foaling mares, well before the event. It is most important to know what is ‘normal’ both in terms of the foaling process and how to expect the foal to behave once born. Unlike cows where intervention is only required after a few hours of noprogress – mares normally foal very quickly once the process has begun. This means that if the mare’s water bag has broken but no progress has been made after 20-25mins phone us as this is an emergency!

The foal should make attempts to stand and suck and should have achieved both within 4 hours of birth, usually within 1-2 hours. They should also have passed the first faeces which is always black/greeny colour (meconium) within 6-8 hrs. If your mare is in foal she needs a booster for tetanus & strangles approx  one month prior to her due date. This is to ensure the foal receives some immunity! Finally please remember that the afterbirth needs to be expelled within 4 hours (in cows it can be 4 days!). If they do not come out your mare is likely to end up with colic, so please phone us for help! For more information on what to expect with your mare foaling please click here!


Laminitis (Founder) is a common condition which causes varying degrees of foot pain, from the slightly pottery pony to severe life-threatening lameness. Owners often underestimate its potential to cause long term unsoundness. It is not uncommon for severe and uncontrolled cases to require euthanasia! It is important to realise that laminitis can progress from mild to severe even if early treatment is instigated. Early warning signs must be heeded and action taken immediately! FOr more information on Founder and Laminitis please click here!



Although the adult flea spends all of its time on your dog or cat, feeding on it's blood and breeding, the majority of the flea population (95%) exists as eggs, larvae and pupae in the environment; in the dirt, cracks or crevices of your house, in your pet's bedding or in your carpet. In warmer months, the flea lifecycle is as short as 2 - 3 weeks and flea numbers can build up rapidly if preventative measures are not taken, both on and off your pet. A female flea lays approximately 40 eggs per day – no wonder they can become such a problem if left untreated! For more information on how to win the war against fleas please click here!


  Monthly Reminders

  • Our fabulous groomer Jill does hydro bathing as well as clipping if you would like your wet muddy dog transformed during Winter into a sweet smelling pooch
  • Any mare owner who is considering artificial insemination this season please let us know. We are hoping to have another veterinarian with us during stud season to help with the work load this year.
  • Founder season is now approaching. All horse and particularly pony owners need to take great care with how much access is given to lush spring growth. Please remember Founder is very serious and needs prompt veterinary attention. Founderguard feed additive aid to prevent Founder is available at the Centre !
  • We now have the Australian equivalent to Lubrisyn available! This product is Hyasyn & is the same
  •      formulation containing mainly Hyaluronic Acid which is one of the best ingredients for joints!
  • With retained foetal membranes a horse must be seen if membranes are still present six hours post foaling but with cows veterinary attention is not required (unless visible signs of illness) for four days!
  • Don’t forget your flea control program! Remember our prices for all flea products are competitive with online sites as we want to make sure you are using the most appropriate product for your pet!








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