Foaling Down

At Meadows Veterinary Centre we offer a foaling down service at our Equine property that provides peace of mind for a number of mare owners. Usually it is for mares that previously have experienced difficulty in foaling, owners who have to work and may not be able to provide the supervision required or if the mare &/or foal is very valuable and the owners don't want to take any risks. After all having a vet on site is a huge advantage if the mare experiences difficulties!

Mares are usually sent to us two weeks prior to estimated due date. We use foaling alarms that phone our mobile phones and are under camera surveillance at all times. Contact the Centre for more information or an estimate for foaling down fees. 

A review left on our Face Book page:

          Excellent, professional foaling down service. So knowledgeable, calm and caring. Would never risk foaling down at home after this experience. Can't wait to bring them home 


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