Equine Prepurchase

Choosing a horse to buy can be a very exciting time but all too often we see people falling in love with a horse only to discover that after they have purchased it there were problems that then led to heartache and much wasted time and money. At Meadows Veterinary Centre we recommend a complete and thorough examination prior to the purchase of any horse whether it is a pleasure pony or a high performance athlete.

We need to know the intended purpose of the horse as the physical requirements for a top dressage horse are very different to a pet pony. We always perform prepurchase examinations in accordance with the Australian Equine Veterinarians Association (EVA) guidelines and using the standard protocol.

A standard prepurchase examination consists of a thorough physical examination followed by evaluation of the horses gait at the walk, trot and canter and following backing and turning. Flexion tests are performed and all horses are lunged on a firm level surface. Examination under saddle may be requested. A standard prepurchase will take approximately an hour.

Extra tests can be performed as part of this examination in order to gain a more detailed clinical impression of the horse. This may include xrays, upper respiratory tract endoscopy and ultrasound of limbs or reproductive organs.

We encourage purchasers to discuss their requirements with us prior to the commencement of the prepurchase evaluation. Remember it is not a veterinarian’s job to “pass” or “fail” a horse but to provide a potential purchaser with information to enable them to make an informed decision.

Equine Prepurchase, Meadows Veterinary Centre
Flexion Test

Equine Prepurchase, Meadows Veterinary Centre
Listening to Heart & Lung

Conflict of Interest

Please be advised that if the horse to be purchased belongs to one of our clients we will avoid a conflict of interest by recommending the examination is performed by an independent veterinarian.


The information gained during the prepurchase examination is owned by the potential purchaser therefore we cannot discuss the findings with the vendor unless the purchaser gives their permission. This information is only relevant as at the time of the examination therefore our findings will not be discussed with any other potential purchaser.

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