Desexing Myths Exposed!

Here are some of the common Facts and Myths that we hear about when we are discussing desexing!


  • · Eliminates unwanted puppies/kittens
  • · Male dogs and cats are more likely to roam in search for a mate which increases  the risk of  fighting, car accidents and being taken to the pound!
  • · Entire males are more likely to display aggression to other dogs and people. They can also be very dominant and possessive of toys and food.
  • · Entire males are at risk of getting prostate and testicular cancer as well as other tumors associated with the production of testosterone which is eliminated with desexing
  • · Entire cats are at risk of catching the deadly FIV virus which currently has no cure. Also they often get abscesses from fight wounds which often become infected and require surgery.
  • · Male cats will spray urine around the house and yard and male dogs will also urinate on any object in their territory which will include the furniture. This urine has a much stronger odour than a desexed animals
  • · Female dogs will try to escape to find a mate when they come on heat about every 6 months
  • · Females dogs are prone to problems such as Phantom Pregnancy, Mastitis (inflamed mammary glands),
  • · Pyometra, (infection of the uterus), mammary and ovarian cancer.  Some dogs that fall  pregnant have problems giving birth so require an emergency caesarean. Most of these conditions are very painful and also   life threatening!
  • · Female cats on heat will call constantly which can be very distressing for their owner and they will also continue to remain on heat until mated
  • · The cost of registration for an entire animal is more than for a desexed animal



  • · Desexing will NOT make your pet FAT!
  • · Desexing will not turn your dog into a wimp, if they would normally protect their territory then  they will continue to do so once desexed
  • · Animals will not miss being entire if anything they are probably going to be happier that they are not coming into season every 6 months and being prevented from mating
  • · Desexing will not change the animals personality, it will only take away the unwanted behaviours like marking territory and aggression, especially if done before these behaviours develop!



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