Cat Boarding


Cat Boarding at Meadows Veterinary CentreAt the Meadows Veterinary Centre there is a dedicated room for cat boarding. It contains 8 cat condominiums designed especially to give cats a comfortable space in which to stay.

Each unit has platforms for climbing up as well as interconnecting walk through for more than one cat. Some of the units have views into the staff courtyard and play area.

The room has its own air-conditioning ensuring continuity of room temperatures. It also has a specially designed exhaust and airflow system ensuring the removal of odors and the continuity of fresh air.

The tempered glass doors remove the prison effect of traditional cages. Play equipment, toys, Feliway soothing hormones and all bedding are supplied. However, clients may bring their cats own toys and bedding if they prefer to provide familiar comforts.


Cats will have constant access to fresh clean water and premium quality dry food (unless there are weight control issues). Owners are encouraged (but not essential) to bring their cat’s own food to prevent digestive upsets that commonly occur when there is a change of diet. This also helps the more sensitive cats to continue eating in unfamiliar surroundings.

Vaccination Requirements

All cats must be up to date a minimum of two weeks prior to their holiday at Meadows Veterinary Centre. Only cats not vaccinated at Meadows Veterinary Centre will need to produce their vaccination certificates prior to their visit.

Cuddle and Playtime

Every day all cats will have the opportunity to explore outside of their condominium to really stretch their legs by climbing and playing on the play equipment. Or for those less actively inclined to curl up on a different chair! At this time the cats will receive cuddles and a health check. This will ensure maintenance of health and body weight. Any health issues will be recognized and treated promptly.

Peace of Mind

All of our trained staff are dedicated to ensuring your cat/s enjoy a safe and very comfortable stay while you are away. Having 24 hour access to veterinarians as well as highly trained staff ensures your cat/s will receive the very best of care and lots of Tender Loving Care!

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